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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Open Letter

August 10. 2004

DID YOU KNOW that pigeons, squirrels, crows, sea gulls and even raccoons in New York City are completely unprotected from brutality of every inconceivable and horrifying sort; including torturing, maiming, poisoning, drowning, asphyxiating, decapitating. The list goes on.

Remember Animal Farm? “All animals are equal” read the sign when it was first posted to declare communal egalitarianism. But after a series of increased corruptions; the sign was amended to read, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

And so it goes with the Animal Welfare Act. If you’re a cat or dog – hey, you’re in luck. Raccoon, crow, pigeon or squirrel? Forget it. You can’t be walked with a leash around your neck and you don’t make good companions. Animal Welfare Act? No way. Not for you. If you insist on being free and living in the cities -- well, that’ll learn ya.

As a case in point – In June of this year; 465 Canada Geese were slaughtered on Riker’s Island with a permit happily handed out by the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. While thousands of New Yorkers rallied on behalf of the Geese.

Even a group called “GeesePeace” http://geesepeace.org/ offered humane alternatives to the slaughter. The city refused to budge.

See: New York Daily News; June 16, 2004;

With the DFW’s blessing, the slaughter took place.

And now, thousands of Mallard ducks are slated for slaughter in Florida; albeit the Fund For Animals is doing everything that it can to try to stop it --

To say nothing of the constant and ubiquitous annihilation of wildlife in areas of rapid development, see:


WE live in a myopic world. A world where the number of animals that go extinct each day is mind-numbing. If you don't believe me, have a quick look at what the scientists will tell you -- see Natural History Magazine, "MASS EXTINCTION UNDERWAY"

What more do we need to know to understand that the creatures on this earth are under seige?

What more do we need to know to begin to act mindfully and responsibly toward what wildlife remains? Be it found in remote areas of Montana or on Riker's Island?

What do we need to "connect the dots?"

How many times have we heard over and over and over that the President and the CIA and the FBI failed to "connect the dots" that could have prevented the tragedy of 911? They failed to integrate and respond to various bits and pieces of dangerous information?

Shouldn't we all be extremely alarmed at the latest trend -- the new notion of DNA reconstruction of endangered species? Sure -- let's wait for them to go extinct, then we'll bring them back to life in laboratories; how absolutely marvelous.

If you don't believe me, then take a look at

It is clear that we are living in the 911 of animal annihilation.

See, for example, Audubon's sanctioned "killing spree" of wild deer on "Sanctuary"

If the United States and its urban centers and even ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUPS continue to destroy the few wild creatures that have made their homes in their districts -- then how, exactly do we see the future of our cities and the suburbs of our world?

When suburb and city may be all that is left because of unregulated development; we may wish we had spared a few of our wild friends.

If urban areas are lucky enough to host such creatures as squirrels, sparrows, pigeons, starlings, crows – even ducks and geese; they need to be responsible and shepherd these animals well into the 21st century.

It is hard enough for pigeon, squirrel, sparrow and starling rescue people to help the injured birds and other urban wildlife they find on the streets of NYC, but to battle the city for feeding them in public parks (yes - public parks) is an outrage.

The NYC Parks Dept. says on its own website that feeding "unrestrained animals" is permitted unless there is a public posting "Do not Feed" -- which there are relatively few. Feeding birds in NYC parks is not illegal.

Please voice your concern by calling Betsy Gotbaum's office- she is the Public Advocate for NYC
Her hotline number is: 212 669 7250

Johanna Clearfield, Director Urban Wildlife Coalition-NYC
or log on to our website -- where you can post your information. Thank you!


How are your representatives voting on issues involving animals and the environment?

Hard copies of The Humane Scorecard can be obtained free of charge by calling 301-585-2591 or by sending an email to fundinfo@fund.org. Please be sure to provide your complete mailing address and indicate that you are requesting a copy of The Humane Scorecard.


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