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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Nyack New York: One Woman champions pigeons

A single Mom in Nyack, New York was deeply disturbed by the illegal and inhumane poisoning of pigeons in her area. She went on a campaign which included contacting the Department of Environmental Conservation, the local press in her area and her neighbors. Here is just one of the stories which she helped to facilitate. In fact, she was able to get live local news coverage as well. You go girl...!



What's killing Piermont's pigeons?

In mid September The Nyack Villager received eyewitness accounts of dead and dying pigeons falling out of the sky onto the North Shore Walkway in Piermont and into the waters of the Piermont Marsh. Some of the birds, not quite dead when they fell, flopped around in apparent agony for an hour and a half before they died.

Curt Lowey, a Piermont resident, asked his neighbors about the pigeons. He said a former board member of nearby Paradise Harbor Condominium remarked that the condo dwellers, "were trying to solve their pigeon problem," as some of them were complaining that pigeons had taken to roosting on their roof.

Mr. Lowey sent a dead bird to the NY State Wildlife Pathologist for his opinion on what killed it.

In a television news report that aired on the 21st, it was said that a Paradise Harbor condo dweller admitted to putting out poison bait, hoping to make the pigeons sick. He suggested they ate too much of the bait, presumably becoming accessories to their own murder. Stay tuned.